Your iPhone has Good Dictation. Why Doesn’t your Enterprise Application?

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If you use an Apple or Android device, you’ve probably noticed the increased accuracy of these platforms’ dictation capabilities. A few of my friends have migrated almost entirely to dictating their text messages. This makes me wonder “why not just make a phone call?” However, my analysis of the cultural aspects of texting will have to wait — this post is about enterprise dictation.

Advances in the application of machine learning techniques to the acoustic and language modeling of speech are driving fantastic improvements in simple consumer applications. But, what if you need to manage users and the integration of audio processing with back-end systems? What if you have PCI or HIPAA considerations in the processing and storage of your data? What if your user base relies on a specialized language and vocabulary such as radiology, orthopedics, legal, etc.?

Moreover, what if your existing application has all of these needs and you want to voice enable it, without a lengthy and expensive development effort and without the installation of hundreds (or thousands!) of expensive desktop dictation client programs?

The Solution: nVoq’s SayIt HTTP API

You can leverage full-featured, enterprise-class, real-time dictation and workflow automation for any application with network connectivity and access to a microphone. Whether you’re developing a new iOS/Android application or retrofitting an existing web app or desktop client, the SayIt HTTP API provides the functionality required to quickly and easily add dictation and voice powered workflow to your enterprise applications. It even comes with enterprise tools, such as user management, workflow automation, transcript review, and data encryption and protection for sensitive financial and/or healthcare information.

But wait, there’s more!

[Buzzword alert] It’s all in the cloud. We use a hosted model in which the only upfront investment is your time to build the integration. And the ease of integrating with HTTP services keeps that cost to a minimum.

Give your enterprise users the same experience they are accustomed to in their consumer apps by voice enabling your enterprise application with the SayIt HTTP API. To see how easy it is, check out our API documentation at

Happy coding!

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