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Secure hosted platform - Compliant with HIPAA and Canadian privacy standards.

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Robust dictation and automations capabilities.

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“In my 30 year career I have always tried to associate with businesses that are transparent, passionate about what they do, and follow through with their promises. nVoq is one of the few partners I have worked with that meet all of those ideals at a very high level. SayIt is a top of the line product and can compete with anything in the market. The first thing you notice is all of the effort and detail that they put into making it the best SR product available.

Even more impressive are the lengths nVoq goes to make their partners successful. They have spent countless hours demonstrating the product and meeting with us on enhancements as well as better ways to integrate SayIt into our own platforms. They have also been willing to travel to trade shows and prospective clients to help us market the product. nVoq has met or exceeded every expectation that I have had and I am very excited to be working with them in the future.”

– Director of Technical Solutions at Acusis


“The entire nVoq team have been ideal business partners; they really get what we are trying to accomplish, which enables them to go beyond the basics in ways that add so much value for our mutual customers.

After we rolled out a beta version of our software with a new laboratory, the lab staff asked for voice recognition on a different screen that hadn’t been designed with SayIt in mind at all. Our nVoq developer took the initiative and figured out how to make dictation work beautifully there, without any help from us. I’m absolutely blown away by it. Our lab customer will never know what a huge win that was – they think we planned it that way all along!

That’s exactly the level of service my firm’s founder built our reputation on. It reinforces for me what a great strategic relationship we have with nVoq.”

– CTO Peak Medical Technologies

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Jon, Matt and Chad have worked with a variety of ISV partners who have successfully embedded speech recognition into healthcare applications. They look forward to showing you how to leverage nVoq’s speech APIs and assist you in developing clinically relevant use cases.

Jon Ford
Jon Ford
VP Engineering

Jon Ford
Chad Hiner
RN, MS, Director,
Healthcare Industry Solutions

Jon Ford has held senior engineering leadership positions with early stage startups and larger companies in a variety of industries including Avaya, Mentor Graphics, Trane, and Lucent Technologies. Jon’s work has focused on leading engineering teams through the specification, design, development, and operations of high-scale distributed SaaS solutions for customer support, dictation, and real-time analytics. He holds three patents, two of which are specific to scalable automated dictation services.

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“At nVoq, I’ve been able to leverage my 15-year experience as a Critical Care Nurse along with my Clinical Informatics background to help develop solutions that improve clinical workflow and make it easier to work in the EHR. Data entry is a huge burden for clinicians, and it’s exciting and rewarding to help them save time in their day with technology that simplifies and speeds documentation.”

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