With PDGM on the horizon,
the home care and hospice industry is undergoing a major transformation.

There’s never been a better time for nVoq.Mobile Voice

One of the greatest opportunities offered by technology is not just reducing errors or workloads: it is the opportunity to restore connection—between patients and healthcare providers.

Why nVoq.Mobile Voice?

nVoq.Mobile Voice is HIPAA compliant and securely hosted in US and Canadian data centers.  Unlike some other vendors, nVoq supports BAA execution.  We do not store or use your data for any commercial purpose.

nVoq.Mobile Voice allows users to dictate directly from your Android device and dictate directly into the system of record – no cut and paste.

nVoq.Mobile Voice is compatible with any EHR or care management system It allows you to harness the power of highly accurate, cloud-based speech recognition from virtually anywhere, anytime! What's not to love?

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