Speech Recognition for Home Health & Hospice

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Speech Recognition for Home Health & Hospice Mobile Clinicians

nVoq.Mobile Voice optimizes home healthcare workflow:

Save 33% or more documentation time by dictating notes directly into the EHR.

A robust medical vocabulary designed specifically for home health gets documentation right the first time!

Reduce ADRs and simplify coding with more complete, accurate patient narratives.

The home care and hospice industry is undergoing a major transformation.

There’s never been a better time for nVoq.Mobile Voice
The start of care visit is one of the most critical and time consuming for home health and hospice providers. With nVoq.Mobile Voice, home health providers can now use speech recognition to not only save time, but also improve their accuracy. Watch to learn how!
Are your employees using a HIPAA compliant speech solution? Finally, a cloud-based, HIPAA compliant, speech recognition solution designed specifically for home healthcare clinicians is available: nVoq.Mobile Voice for Android.

Why nVoq.Mobile Voice?

  • Shorten reimbursement cycles.
  • Improve clinician retention.
  • Encourage HIPAA compliance with fully encrypted communications.
  • Allow for greater accuracy with an extensive prebuilt medical vocabulary specifically for Home Healthcare and Hospice.

Saving up to 33% or more charting time.

Mobile hospice clinicians face particularly challenging documentation requirements: nVoq.Mobile Voice can help!

hospice clinician

By using nVoq.Mobile Voice to capture patient narratives, mobile hospice caregivers can save time, improve compliance and reduce ADRs!

An extensive, hospice-specific vocabulary supports unparallel accuracy – the first time through!

“So far, I am loving the dictation! I was so impressed with the speed and accuracy that I dictated a narrative for a visit in less than 2 minutes!”
C.M., Hospice Care Manager

“My documentation was completed same day, up from 62% to 76%!”
D. B., Occupational Therapist

“I am a Chaplain and Bereavement Coordinator and the audio dictation has worked very well for me. I was able to speak a standard narrative with no errors. I was actually surprised how well it worked, much better than other voice dictation programs I have tried; It was flawless.”
R.G., Chaplain

Unsure whether you need nVoq.Mobile Voice or nVoq.Voice?

nVoq.Mobile Voice is the first medically infused dictation solution for Home Health designed specifically for the Android tablet while nVoq.Voice works on your desktop. Mobile Voice uses the same secure, HIPAA compliant servers as nVoq.Voice solution, while offering the mobility to dictate on the go or in the home.

nVoq.Mobile Voice is an enterprise solution designed for home health and hospice agencies with 100+ users. nVoq.Voice is designed for office clinicians such as hospice medical directors, ambulatory physicians and specialty clinics. If you’re looking for a solution for smaller practices, check out nVoq.Voice!

Need a desktop solution that works on Windows PC? Check out nVoq.Voice!

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nVoq provides cloud-based voice recognition applications that use the power of speech to quickly and accurately capture data and automate workflow processes by removing the inefficiencies of typing the narrative note. nVoq brings high-end support for dictating clinical documentation (in over 35 medical specialties)

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