You’ll love how easy it is to voice-power your applications with nVoq.

Finally, a HIPAA compliant API
that's accurate and easy to
integrate with both Android
and iOS apps.


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Reach for Speech

Get the leading-edge speech technology you want to stay competitive, with the security, privacy and medical vocabulary your customers need.


Deep Learning (DL) powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI)


Light weight and low cost


Speech capability without the need for speech expertise


HIPAA and PCI-DSS compliant

What capabilities does the nVoq Platform support?

Easily build quality speech recognition into your applications—using your preferred programming language. Our RESTful webservices APIs allow you to quickly integrate voice so that you can focus on what you do best - building superior apps.


Support real-time transcription of audio into medically relevant narrative.

Command & Control

Provide voice-driven command and control.

Wireless Mic Receiver

Integrate the SayIt Wireless Mic for iOS and Android devices.


Setup and administer your tenant organization (i.e., Sandbox).


Infuse custom vocabulary, substitutions and sentence modeling.
Why develop with the nVoq Platform?

With the nVoq Platform you can easily build quality speech recognition into your applications - using your preferred programming language. Our RESTful webservices APIs allow you to quickly integrate voice so that you can focus on what you do best - building superior apps.


Based on the latest developments in neural net technology

Complies with HIPAA and other regional privacy standards

PCI-DSS certified operations

99% historical system availability

Domain-specific vocabularies including all major medical specialties

End user adaptation and improvement without the need for voice training

RESTful webservices APIs standardize integration across multiple development platforms

Robust system documentation

The developer experience is nVoq’s top priority.

We provide you with a wealth of tools you can use to build your applications.

  • Pre-built, exemplar applications for the most common development frameworks
  • Optional: Direct development assistance and engineering support
  • Level 3 support for architecture/
    run-time questions
Our nVoq team is here to help you...


Rob, Chris and Laura have worked with a variety of ISV partners who have successfully embedded speech recognition into healthcare applications. They look forward to showing you how to leverage nVoq’s speech APIs and assist you in developing clinically relevant use cases.

Laura Baukol
Sales Engineer

Laura Baukol helps successfully navigate our ISV Partners through the development phase of an integration with nVoq.APIs.

Her over 15 years’ experience in the financial services, tech, and entertainment industries, with such companies as Apple, the Walt Disney Company, and Allianz, has provided her with a breadth and depth of skills to effectively communicate with sales, marketing, customer success, and engineering professionals at various levels of the organization.

Laura has a bachelor of science from Northern Arizona University, a master of arts in organizational management, and a certification in full stack web design and development from Galvanize. When not presenting during conference calls or deciphering various coding languages, Laura can be found hiking the easy trails in beautiful Colorado with her husband and two dogs, learning something new, or singing loudly and usually on key.

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Rob MacLean
Senior Product Owner

Certified Product owner with over 10 years of progressively increasing responsibilities in the healthcare, manufacturing, and telecommunication industries.

Rob has a track record of developing collaborative environments and leading teams to deliver timely and quality innovative solutions. In addition, a working knowledge of IDEs, programming languages, scripts, databases, UIs, and APIs.

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Chris Moran VP Enterprise Sales

Chris is responsible for leading nVoq’s sales across all go-to-market channels. This includes sales and partnerships through ISVs, VARs, and nVoq Direct sales, for nVoq’s market leading, cloud-based, speech recognition and innovative desktop automation solutions. Chris has served for many years as an enterprise sales leader with Microsoft, BT, and IBM, leading sales pursuits into the Fortune 100. Prior to joining nVoq, based in Singapore, Chris led Microsoft Asia Learning & Readiness to enable employees, partners, and customers across Microsoft Asia. Chris has more than 25 years of experience serving in senior positions as a global sales, marketing, and technology leader.

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