You’ll love how easy it is to voice-power your apps with nVoq.

You’ll love how easy it is to voice-power your applications with nVoq.

Finally, a HIPAA compliant API that's accurate and easy to integrate with both Android and iOS apps.


Reach for Speech

Get the leading-edge, HIPAA compliant speech technology you want to stay competitive, with the security, privacy and medical vocabulary your customers need.



Deep Learning (DL) powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI)


Adapts to your business model


Web-based—zero footprint


HIPAA and PCI-DSS compliant

What capabilities does the nVoq Platform support?

Easily build quality speech recognition into your applications—using your preferred programming language. Our RESTful webservices APIs allow you to quickly integrate voice so that you can focus on what you do best - building superior apps.


Support real-time transcription of audio into medically relevant narrative.

Command & Control

Provide voice-driven command and control.

Wireless Mic Receiver

Integrate the Wireless Mic for Windows devices.


Setup and administer your tenant organization (i.e., Sandbox).


Infuse custom vocabulary, substitutions and sentence modeling.
Why develop with the nVoq Platform?

With the nVoq Platform you can easily build quality speech recognition into your applications - using your preferred programming language. Our RESTful webservices APIs allow you to quickly integrate voice so that you can focus on what you do best - building superior apps.


Compatible with the latest developments in NLP (Natural Language Processing)

Complies with HIPAA and other regional privacy standards

PCI-DSS certified operations

99% historical system availability

Domain-specific vocabularies including all major medical specialties

End user adaptation and improvement without the need for voice training

RESTful webservices APIs standardize integration across multiple development platforms

Robust system documentation

The developer experience is nVoq’s top priority.

We provide you with a wealth of tools you can use to build your applications.

  • Pre-built, exemplar applications for the most common development frameworks
  • Optional: Direct development assistance and engineering support
  • Level 3 support for architecture/
    run-time questions
Our nVoq team is here to help you...


Rob and Victor have worked with a variety of ISV partners who have successfully embedded speech recognition into healthcare applications. They look forward to showing you how to leverage nVoq’s speech APIs and assist you in developing clinically relevant use cases.


Rob MacLean
Senior Product Owner

Certified Product owner with over 10 years of progressively increasing responsibilities in the healthcare, manufacturing, and telecommunication industries.

Rob has a track record of developing collaborative environments and leading teams to deliver timely and quality innovative solutions. In addition, a working knowledge of IDEs, programming languages, scripts, databases, UIs, and APIs.

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Victor Pinsker

Victor Pinsker
ISV Sales

Victor leads our business development strategies by evangelizing nVoq’s vision for growth through the formation and support of Independent Software Vendor (ISV) relationship with qualified partners focused on growth through innovation.

He brings over 30 years of experience in developing and executing sustainable, growth focused ISV and OEM strategies with domestic and international partners.

Prior to joining nVoq Victor held his own practice, Eureka eHealth LLC, which was focused on helping clients to align and expand their products to the healthcare market or introduce their internationally successful technologies in the US market, by forming scalable and mutually profitable relationships. His successful career included executive sales and business development positions with companies such as Seeburger AG, Axway/Cyclone Commerce, GE and NCR.

Currently residing in Colorado, he has lived most of his professional life in southern California. Earned his MBA in Information Technology at Pepperdine University and BS in Computer Engineering at the California Polytechnic University.

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