SayIt: Speech Recognition should always be this easy.

Cut typing time, costs and I.T. support!
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SayIt works seamlessly with any EHR – no cutting and pasting!

SayIt gives providers what they’ve been looking for: accuracy, speed, flexibility and convenience.

SayIt gives management what they’ve been asking for: an affordable, low-overhead solution that’s HIPAA compliant and enterprise-ready.

See how SayIt can increase your workflow productivity!

Why SayIt is the EASY choice:

  • Easy for Providers to Learn and Use: No voice training required. Work anywhere there’s an Internet connection, on either a PC or a Mac.
  • Easy on the Budget: Priced at a fraction of the competitors. Choose between “Pay as you Go” or a discounted long-term subscription.
  • Easy on IT Support: No need to install desktop software or network equipment. No EHR integration required.

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