Why SayIt from nVoq is the Better Alternative

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As a healthcare provider who is considering purchasing speech recognition for your EMR, you have every right to expect a tangible return on that investment. Not only that, but the EMR was supposed to make workflow easier, not harder—so  the last thing you need is another product that requires hours of installation and a hefty learning curve, while ultimately not making a worthwhile dent in the difficulties of EMR use.

Frankly, SayIt from nVoq is the solution that addresses those concerns head on.

Top 3 Awesome Things You Need to Know About SayIt

  1. SayIt is cloud-based speech recognition. Really, really cloud-based.
    All clouds are not created equal. Ours doesn’t require you to build your own network.
  2. What does this mean for you?  In the world of speech recognition, “cloud-based” often translates into network software, dedicated servers, and the need to register devices in advance—all of which come with a high price tag. SayIt gives you all the benefits of a true cloud-based solution, without the overhead you and your IT team don’t need—no upfront capital investment, no need to purchase or install new equipment, and no need to touch every desktop.
  3. SayIt is completely affordable—with no hidden costs. The SayIt monthly subscription is a fraction of the price of the other products. Compare the TCO of SayIt vs.to other productsproducts that  requireing annual maintenance fees in order to get new features and functions. With SayIt, you get three new product releases automatically each year. Free of charge. Nothing to install or upgrade.
  4. We’re big enough to be an industry role model—and small enough to keep our relationships one-to-one. At nVoq, you’ll find the best of both worlds. A focused, accessible team dedicated to making workflow easier for our customers. We’re a company that prides itself on a personal touch. We don’t send our customers to an offshore call center—whether you phone us directly or reach out to any of our certified SayIt resellers, you’ll work with someone who actually cares about solving your problem. And we listen to our customers! If your request doesn’t have an immediate solution, you might well see it addressed in the very next release.

If that weren’t enough reason to consider SayIt…

The truth is, SayIt really does make your EMR easier to use.

Not your mother’s speech recognition.

Dictation is great, but it’s only half the solution when it comes to taming the EMR beast. SayIt brings not only high-end support for dictating narratives (in over 35 medical specialties), but also easy-to-use shortcuts and tools to automate EMR macros, populate templates, and maneuver between applications. This combination not only saves hours of typing, but prevents the headaches that come with hunting, clicking, pasting, and losing focus.

That’s right, SayIt really makes your EMR easier to use.

Your EMR. SayIt works with virtually any EMR. And it’s easily customizable for your needs.

Of course I want to try SayIt!!

Still thinking about it? Let’s talk about what you need. Contact me at sales@nvoq.com.

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