Medically Infused Speech Recognition

Engineered for Post Acute Care Organizations

Reduce the documentation burden on your clinicians.

By giving your clinicians nVoq.Voice, they can create more complete documentation in a fraction of the time, improving work-life balance and allowing your organization to retain the best!

nVoq Voice

Here are just some of the reasons leading organizations and vendors are adopting nVoq.Voice:

HIPAA/HITECH compliant

Enterprise ready–SSO, MDM and VDI capable

No start up or voice training

Auto launch and sign-in

Windows compatible

Highly accurate medical vocabulary


  • Toggle-to-Talk (desktops)
  • Touch-to-Talk (tablets)

Automatic gain control (AGC) to maintain consistent recording volume

Dictate directly into your EHR

Floating/movable client

Installs in minutes, not hours

99.99% uptime


If you’ve been underwhelmed by the cost, reliability, and complexity of other speech recognition solutions, consider nVoq.Voice. The speech to text technology that offers affordable pricing, unrivaled uptime, and unparalleled ease of implementation.

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    *nVoq currently only supports speech recognition and medical vocabulary in English (United States).
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Here are the benefits to your bottom line:

Greatly Improved Quality and Accuracy of Clinical Notes

A well-developed patient narrative avoids rework cycles downstream, allows for correctly processed episode billing, and reduces ADRs. Thus helping improve collection time and reduce write-offs.

More Time Back for Clinicians

nVoq.Voice is much faster than typing– typically at least by a third—and results in fewer interruptions to clarify documentation later. This means a better work-life balance and improved job satisfaction for your clinicians.

Easy to Implement, Use, and Support

nVoq.Voice is a cloud-based solution so there is no additional software or hardware to purchase, support, or maintain. Its ease of use means users are onboarded in minutes, not hours.

nVoq.Voice is currently available for Windows users. Looking for an Android tablet solution? 

Go to our nVoq.Mobile Voice page.
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HIPAA Compliant


Extensive Medical Vocabulary

EHR Compatible 

Windows Device Users


Android Device Users


Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Single Sign On (SSO)

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)


Individual User Subscriptions





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