Looking for a way to shorten reimbursement cycles and increase clinician retention rates?

Let us show you how our speech dictation APP for Android can help your organization empower your clinicians AND improve your bottom Line!
Don't just take our word for it, see how Mobile Voice allows clinicians to perform their jobs better.

Mobile Voice is highly secure, HIPAA compliant, and simple to use.

Designed specifically for organizations with 100+ mobile clinicians in the Home Health and Hospice space.

With medical vocabulary and predictive medical libraries built right into it, Mobile Voice will convert clinical dictation into text in seconds and reduce editing time!

What’s the difference between Mobile Voice and the original SayIt? Mobile Voice is the first medically infused speech dictation application made to run specifically on your Android device (tablet). It uses the same secure, HIPAA compliant servers as our original SayIt solution, while offering the mobility to dictate on the go or in the home.

nVoq.Mobile Voice is currently available as an enterprise solution.

Are you a single provider? Check out our original nVoq.Voice solution!

Interested in learning more about Mobile Voice? Contact us!

nVoq currently only supports speech recognition and medical vocabulary in English (United States).

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