Speech-Recognition Solutions for Mobile Physicians

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The challenge of working with EMRs can’t be underestimated: sometimes I think charting into the EMR is harder than the medicine I practice! That is why tools such as speech-recognition technology are so important for simplifying clinical workflow and driving increased productivity. I have been using these technologies for years, and with SayIt, have found a solution that really works for me because it supports my need for portability, simplicity, and convenience.

I admit I am not an easy customer. As an emergency physician who works full time for Shenandoah Emergency Physicians and part time at various hospitals and clinics through a staffing company, I’m constantly moving to different hospitals and working with different EMR systems. Most of them have Epic, and some have desktop-based speech-recognition software. To use the software, I have to replicate my profile in each location; a very cumbersome task for someone who’s so mobile.

The beauty of SayIt is that it is tied to me, not the EMR or location. Because it is a cloud-based solution, I can access it along with my profile wherever I’m working. The product is easy to use and provides very fast, accurate speech-to-text conversion. Unlike other speech-recognition solutions, SayIt uses separate hotkeys for dictation and shortcuts, which means I can use Epic smart phrases for greater productivity.

I have been practicing medicine for more than 25 years, and portability is a pressing need for physicians today. Many of us travel from hospital to hospital and clinic to clinic using a variety of EMRs. If these EMRs create roadblocks in our workflow, we can not do our jobs efficiently which puts patient satisfaction at risk.

SayIt is a simple, intuitive, portable solution for simplifying clinical workflow. With SayIt, I can be more productive in virtually any EMR from any location. It does precisely what software should do: lets me concentrate more on the patient and less on the computer.

Jeffrey C. Gersbach, M.D., Emergency Physician and Founder and CEO of Medamation Inc. For more information about SayIt, email sales@nvoq.com or call 866.383.4500.


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