Your speech solution should save you time, not create more work. SayIt does just that.

Tired of cumbersome speech solutions that don’t get the job done? It’s time to try nVoq’s SayIt,™ the cloud-based solution that’s simple & effective!


At Alliance, we are not new to the use of speech recognition and recognize its time saving potential. We’ve been using speech with Meditech 6.15 for a while. Unfortunately, our previous solution continued to fall short of our expectations. Our primary use is within the emergency room, which can be challenging due to the variety of patients, rapid pace, and rampant background noise. Not only did our previous speech solution often fail to recognize voice inputs and commands in such an environment, but it was also cumbersome to integrate, as well as difficult for providers to use as it lacked an intuitive user interface. This resulted in multiple issues:

  • Low Adoption Rates
  • IT Issues
  • Compliance Issues

SayIt turned out to be just the solution we were looking for. For starters, it just works; even in the hectic ER environment. We found that SayIt integrated instantly with Meditech, needing no input from IT for setup or deployment. Providers also found it hassle free and easy to use from the start; many doctors didn’t even need training! The IT department was thrilled that not only does SayIt require no integration, but it also requires no ongoing support.


With the implementation of SayIt we saw an immediate change. Not only was there a significant increase in productivity and provider satisfaction, but there were virtually no calls to IT. With SayIt there was virtually no training required. Our younger providers also enjoyed the ability to use SayIt with their smartphones. We really couldn’t be happier with our decision to make the switch.

  • Intuitive to Use – Providers Love it!
  • No Integration – IT Loves it!
  • Improved Productivity and Workflow – Even in the most hectic of environments!

At Alliance, if we’re not getting calls about a product, then it’s working!!

Dan Yarian, Alliance IT Director

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