SayIt supports Gastroenterologists by capturing the patient narrative

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Patients with digestive disorders present with a variety of symptoms. Clinicians evaluate patients who come to them seeking relief from such physical disturbances as constipation, stomach pain, cramping and vomiting. Last year, over 51 million hospital, physician and ER visits were attributed to digestive disorders. With ever growing numbers being attributed to digestive disorders, the overall symptom assessment and treatment plan can be dramatically improved by listening to the patient and adequately documenting their story. Selecting items from a drop-down list and placing checkmarks in a radio-button does not capture the information needed to treat a patient.

The medical field is coming back to relationship-centered care where the patient and the clinician have a complementary influence on each other and share an emotional connection. This two-way communication has proved invaluable in not only helping the current patient, but also by sharing findings with other clinicians. By using SayIt from nVoq, diagnosis, treatment plans and the patient narrative can be immediately documented in the EMR. SayIt also supports the use of customized templates and macros to efficiently document discreet data points during or immediately following a procedure, such as a colonoscopy, ERCP or EGD.

With so many digestive disorders presenting with the same symptoms, the only differentiating factor can be the patient story. With SayIt, a clinician can capture the story during the visit, increasing productivity and accuracy. By incorporating workflow automation with the patient narrative, the multiple factors of the digestive disorder will be optimized to provide the best treatment. This includes capturing not only diagnosis, but the severity of the physical disturbances and quality of life all of which may affect treatment decisions.

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SayIt is a cloud-based workflow optimization solution that captures data, as it is spoken, at the point of documentation, streamlines clinical workflow and improves the user experience.

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