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The changes sweeping health care are not always kind to physicians. Declining reimbursement, longer hours and demands for detailed charting and billing justification have lengthened work days, increased frustrations and magnified already high stress levels. Also, with a reliance on EMRs, physicians are continuously looking for ways to enhance productivity, increase efficiency and juggle ever more complex work-life interactions. It is into this environment that a new, cloud-based transcription product has made strong first impressions.

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Dr. Mark Moronell, Cardiologist

SayIt from nVoq offers increased flexibility and freedom from existing network-based transcription packages while providing physicians with a powerful and user-friendly interface helping to relieve the burden of endless documentation. It is no longer necessary to be “in-house” when transcribing test results, progress notes, H&Ps, discharge summaries and peer to peer correspondence. Now, wherever there is internet access, there is the chance to get work done, fast and efficient. That means more time with patients, family or pursing recreational activities and hobbies.

SayIt was created with physicians in mind and cardiologists are no exception. Both standardized and customizable templates are available covering interventional, non-interventional and electrophysiology work flows and patterns. Imaging and testing templates are also available which means that where ever a physician reads a study (home, office or even on vacation), Sayit’s cloud-based interface offers the user heretofore unheard of freedom and flexibility. And whenever new technologies are introduced, Sayit’s customizable template building feature will enable transcription capabilities to mature right along with the practice. And without any loss in productivity.

No longer must physicians be limited by network-based transcription services that reduce productivity, limit patient interaction and siphon away personal time. Now, where ever there is internet access, there is the ability to tackle onerous charting and documentation. I strongly recommend every physician take a look at SayIt from nVoq. Experience for yourself the freedom from network-based transcription packages and start relaxing again.

Mark W. Moronell, MD FACC
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