Finally! Speech recognition that actually understands Behavioral Health.

If you’ve been looking for an affordable, accurate solution that saves 25% or more documentation time each day, look no further.

SayIt comes pre-loaded with a mental + behavioral health care topic, including all the vocabulary and phraseology that’s typical of behavioral health industry. You don’t have to teach it how providers and clinicians speak.

Behavioral health providers are often frustrated by how much technology is built for general medicine but fails to take into consideration their unique needs. Practices use PIMSY + SayIt have you covered. The behavioral health topic is built specifically by and for behavioral health clinicians and encapsulates the nuances of mental health mental health + addiction treatment.

Practices use PIMSY + SayIt for a number of reasons:

  • Document clinical notes 2-3 times faster and spend more time focused on your clients.
  • More flexibility in when and where you complete session notes.
  • Assists with physical limitations, such as carpal tunnel or clinicians with disabilities.
  • Provide workflow automation for standard practice protocols.