Cut charting time by 25% or more

SayIt gives providers time back in their often-hectic day by converting spoken words to text in seconds and allowing the use of simple voice or touch shortcuts to navigate complex screens and menus in no time. Clinical documentation becomes a breeze with SayIt.


IT’s Best Friend

SayIt allows management to save both time and overhead for their organization through affordable pricing and an unparalleled ease of implementation. If you’ve been underwhelmed by the convenience, cost, and complexity of other speech recognition solutions, SayIt is your answer. You’ll see ROI in a matter of months!

You have a choice; SayIt is the EASY choice:

  • Simple to learn and use.
  • 3 - 4x faster than typing with fewer errors.
  • Use voice or touch shortcuts.
  • Improve consistency and detail of clinical documentation.
  • SayIt is always there for you, wherever there’s an internet connection.
  • Flexible, low cost subscription pricing.
  • One SayIt account works for both PC and Mac – no need to buy two products!
  • SayIt supports all major medical specialties.
  • Easy customization.
  • SayIt also offers a free Wireless Mic app!

SayIt gives you productivity that is off the charts. Contact us today for your no obligation trial and see what SayIt can do for you!

Disappointed by the portability,
cost, or complexity of other speech solutions?

See how fast we can get you up and running!

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Don't take our word for it!

“SayIt does precisely what software should do: lets me concentrate more on the patient and less on the computer.”

Jeffrey C. Gersbach, MD, Emergency Physician

“Imagine stealing back some of the time you spend in your EHR every day. Integrating voice recognition commands into your workflow with SayIt will improve your efficiency.”

John Dorsky, M.D., FACS, CPHIMS, CHTS-CP