nVoq.Mobile Voice: HIPAA Compliant Speech Recognition – Innovating to Enable Mobile Clinicians

Working seamlessly with the Homecare Homebase℠ Mobile PointCare on the Android Tablet, “It’s a Real Game Changer” for Home Health & Hospice Agencies.

BOULDER, CO February 23, 2021. With staffing challenges, documentation requirements, and delivering high quality care never more important, Home Health and Hospice agency leaders are seeking innovative ways to enable their clinicians, gain efficiencies, and maximize their technology investments.

“We are focused on employee engagement – giving our clinicians the tools that allow them to gain efficiencies, have work-life balance, and enable them to provide the best patient care,” said Dr. Amy Moss, Senior Vice President, Clinical Operations Hospice at Amedisys. “Part of the challenge of introducing any new tool or technology is the potential impact it may have on your clinicians. You have to balance any potential short-term pain with the anticipated return on that investment. In the case of nVoq.Mobile Voice, we knew many of our clinicians wanted to use speech recognition with PointCare on the Android tablet, but a lot of them had never used this kind of technology before, so we weren’t quite sure what to expect.”

“Turns out that nVoq.Mobile Voice was really easy to use because it was designed to work seamlessly with PointCare and the Samsung tablet experience – reducing the learning curve,” Moss continued. “Our clinicians are reducing documentation time and improving the quality of their patient notes –we’re leveraging our existing technology investments and extending how we better enable our clinicians. It’s a real game changer for our team.”

“We designed nVoq.Mobile Voice specifically for the needs of Home Health and Hospice, including a robust medical vocabulary and medication recognition,” said Debbi Gillotti, Chief Operating Officer of nVoq. “We listened to what our customers were looking for and gave them the opportunity to get more value out of their EHR investment for mobile clinicians.”

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nVoq Incorporated, headquartered in Boulder, CO, provides HIPAA-compliant SaaS-based speech recognition to the healthcare industry, with a strategic emphasis on the post-acute care segment. nVoq’s platform supports both mobile and office-based clinicians in capturing patient narratives at the point of care to expedite high-quality documentation, simplify coding, and streamline reimbursement cycles. For more information, visit:

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