The next generation of Healthcare IT solutions must create value for the clinician

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We are all aware of the amount money, time and effort that has gone into the implementation of Electronic Health Records (EHRs). This effort was primarily funded by the federal government’s Meaningful Use program, which incentivized health systems as well as solo clinicians to invest in an EHR. While a lot of important and hardwork went into the implementation of an EHR, the process did not adequately address the disruption to clinical workflow, the documentation burden placed on clinical staff, usability and ultimately the satisfaction of the end-user, the clinician.

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Chad Hiner, RN, MS, Executive Director, Healthcare


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It’s not surprising many of these systems have yet to gain acceptance because at the end of the day, their value is questioned.

To avoid this same outcome, the next generation of Healthcare IT solutions must have a keen focus on the role of the clinician. They must provide concrete value, in the form of time with their patients or time left at the end of the day. They must reduce the clinical documentation burden and allow doctors to be doctors and nurses to be nurses.

Usability and ease of use must be taken into consideration; reduce the number of mouse-clicks, provide a summarized view of critical patient information, provide a single sign-on solutions, allow for multiple points of access – on a PC or Mac, on a tablet and smartphone. Next generation technology must allow the provider to access and document their finding in a variety of ways from a variety of locations. EHR workflows are not a one-size-fits all; each hospital, clinic and specialty has a unique set of requirements and each provider has a unique way of capturing the patient story. The next generation of technology must support the role of the clinician as an autonomous patient care provider and equip them with the tools to efficiently and accurately review, order and document their clinical findings in the EHR.

SayIt from nVoq is one of the next generation technologies that actually delivers value to the clinician in a variety of ways. As a proven. HIPAA-compliant true cloud solution, SayIt enables a clinician to document their findings from a variety of locations, on a variety of devices, on a Mac or a PC, at the clinic or in the comfort of their own home. While many providers are drawn to speech recognition because they’d rather speak their notes than type, SayIt automations, triggered by voice or touch, are an even more powerful time saver when used any EHR, including Epic and Cerner.

Value creation for the clinician? With SayIt, it’s a reality, not a concept. For more information, contact us or visit us on the web at

Chad Hiner RN, MS
Executive Director, Healthcare
nVoq, Inc.

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