Mobius chooses nVoq.SPS (WebSockets API) for their new product, Mobius Conveyor.

About the Company:

Mobius MD, was founded in 2014 in San Antonio, TX. They currently offer a speech-to-text product called Mobius Clinic that offers a mobile front end for EHRs. In 2020, Mobius integrated with nVoq.SPS (WebSockets API) for their new product, Mobius Conveyor. Mobius Conveyor is a limitless medical speech-to-text solution for documenting in any EHR, on any device.

About the App/Services:

Mobius Conveyor is the future in medical dictation applications. Simply download Mobius Conveyor onto your iPhone or iPad and begin dictating immediately on any MacOS or Windows computer. Mobius Conveyor supports real-time clinical dictation, text macros, templates, personalized vocabulary, and more! With Mobius Conveyor, all of your dictation preferences travel with you to every computer and every EMR system you use from now on.


Sales and Marketing Specialist
Lauren Weinkrantz

Phone: 1-888-895-8879

“The APIs are easy to integrate and allowed us to own critical design considerations, such as the end-user audio capture UI.  Since the APIs are also platform-independent, we can manage end user OS upgrades and changes without being dependent on nVoq.”

“I can’t over emphasize how helpful it was having [nVoq] respond quickly to our questions during development… it really kept things moving!”

Adam Strom, Co-Founder and President of Mobius MD

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