Many MEDITECH users in rural and community hospitals are looking for ways to improve their provider efficiency without having to pay for expensive, high maintenance, integrated speech solutions that exceed their budget. Essentially, they need a speech recognition solution that provides an affordable, effective, and easy to deploy way to improve clinical workflow efficiency.

For these hospitals, SayIt is the perfect fit. With SayIt, clinicians can use their voice to securely and efficiently document clinical findings in MEDITECH, without the need for expensive integration or the hiring of additional IT staff.
And because SayIt is a cloud-based speech recognition solution requiring no integration, it works seamlessly with all versions of MEDITECH; MAGIC, Client/Server solution – 5.x, and the new web-based solution – 6.1x.


SayIt delivers the following capabilities and benefits:

HIPAA compliant clinical speech recognition and workflow automations

Excellent accuracy on day one, without voice training

Customized templates, macros and navigational commands

One voice profile with personalized vocabulary, stored securely in the cloud, available to use wherever there is an internet connection