IMSI VOICE powered by SayIt: The Winning Edge

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Integrated Modular Systems Inc. (IMSI) provides an integrated RIS, PACS and VOICE Recognition platform for complete patient imaging management – from order to report. Additionally, we offer imaging management solutions for a wide range of medical imaging clients including NFL football and MLB baseball stadiums. Stadiums use our solutions to manage medical imaging (e.g. XRay, MRI, etc.) for club, collegiate and professional team player injuries and physicals. As the needs of our stadium clients vary, the solutions we provide to manage their medical imaging workflow includes onsite solutions, cloud-based solutions and hybrid onsite-cloud models.

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For example, clients with multiple locations, fields or stadiums typically implement on-site imaging equipment securely connected to the IMSI Cloud – this provides them ultimate mobility for managing, viewing and reporting on their medical imaging from anywhere using any PC, tablet, mobile device, etc.

Frequently, images and reports need to be available to multiple stakeholders across the country while still maintaining security. Most teams and stadiums prefer to maintain their own archive of images and reports while providing easy access to both home and visiting team head trainers, radiologists and specialists. Security is paramount. Opposing teams can never have access to each other’s imaging and/or reports. IMSI offers the intelligent and secure solutions enabling players and providers the access they need to imaging and reports.

Speech recognition with IMSI VOICE has been a huge success with our customers. IMSI VOICE is powered by the SayIt Voice Recognition platform from nVoq and contains all the great features that customers love. One recent IMSI VOICE success story is a Teleradiology group in the Midwest comprised of 5 radiologists who service multiple critical access hospitals across a vast region. Each hospital completes approximately 10,000 annual imaging procedures ranging from Mammography, to X-Ray to Ultrasound to CT and more. Typing hundreds of reports per day would be impossible for the radiologists and medical transcription costs are unrealistic. The IMSI VOICE solution powered by SayIt makes efficient reporting possible for this radiologist group with great cost savings to boot!

Powered by SayIt, IMSI VOICE provides users real benefits:

  • Accuracy – Just as accurate (or more than competitive products)
  • Performance – The speed of the cloud-based IMSI VOICE / SayIt platform rivals local thick client competitors
  • Portability – Our users can access IMSI VOICE and report templates in the cloud from virtually any location and device
  • Security – In line with HIPAA and HITECH, all data is encrypted in motion and at rest

IMSI VOICE powered by SayIt Voice Recognition gives us a winning edge, from high profile sports teams to critical access hospitals to large healthcare systems to small physician practices. IMSI is proud to be a SayIt solutions partner.

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