We solve complex speech recognition problems so you don’t have to.

Power your apps with our HIPAA compliant APIs!

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You’ll love how easy it is to voice-power your apps with us.

Get the leading-edge speech technology you want to stay competitive, with the security, privacy and medical vocabulary your customers need.


Deep Learning (DL) powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI)


Light weight and low cost


Speech capability without the need for speech expertise


HIPAA and PCI-DSS compliant
The nVoq.APIs

Easily build quality speech recognition into your applications—using your preferred programming language. Our RESTful webservices APIs allow you to quickly integrate voice so that you can focus on what you do best - building superior apps.



Transcription of continuous speech/dictation into medically relevant text

  • Batch - HTTP
  • Realtime – HTTP or websockets
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Grammar-based; voice-driven command and control, plus shortcut services

  • Server-side – HTTP
  • Client-side ASR – desktop executable to provide hands-free support
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Wireless Mic

Wireless mic for partner applications

  • iOS and Android devices
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APIs to setup and administer login and account services

  • Create and administer organizations and accounts
  • End user adaptation/ learning with custom vocabulary, substitutions and sentence modeling
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    Why Develop with nVoq APIs?

    • Proprietary technology based on the latest developments in neural net technology
    • Complies with HIPAA and other regional privacy standards
    • PCI-DSS certified operations
    • 99.99% historical system availability
    • Domain-specific vocabularies including all major medical specialties; can be customized for other industries as required
    • End user adaptation and improvement without the need for voice training
    • RESTful webservices APIs simplifies and standardizes integration across multiple development platforms
    • Robust system documentation

    The developer experience is nVoq’s top priority.

    We provide you with a wealth of tools you can use to build your applications.

    • Pre-built, exemplar applications for the most common development frameworks
    • Optional: Direct development assistance and engineering support
    • Level 3 support for architecture/
      run-time questions