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solutions.HIPAA Compliant, works directly within the EHR.

nVoq.Mobile Voice and HCHB Mobile PointCare

Better Together
nVoq.Mobile Voice
and HCHB PointCare

Last week at HCHB’s Virtual Users Conference, nVoq showed how impactful it can be for clinicians to replace typing with speech recognition technology that features specialized dictionaries for home health and hospice. With a HIPAA compliant voice-to-text solution, clinicians and organizations can deliver complete documentation, reduce write-offs and focus more on the caregiving experience. In case you missed the presentation, you can view it here:

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“We are focused on employee engagement – giving our clinicians the tools that allow them to gain efficiencies, have work-life balance, and enable them to provide the best patient care,” said Dr. Amy Moss, Senior Vice President, Clinical Operations Hospice at Amedisys. We knew many of our clinicians wanted to use speech recognition with PointCare on the Android tablet, but a lot of them had never used this kind of technology before, so we weren’t quite sure what to expect.”

“Turns out that nVoq.Mobile Voice was really easy to use because it was designed to work seamlessly with PointCare and the Samsung tablet experience – reducing the learning curve,” Moss continued.

“Our clinicians are reducing documentation time and improving the quality of their patient notes –we’re leveraging our existing technology investments and extending how we better enable our clinicians. It’s a real game changer for our team.”

Dr. Amy Moss, Senior Vice President, Clinical Operations Hospice at Amedisys

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