Compatibility with Epic

We got this!

SayIt is a cloud-based speech recognition solution that improves clinical workflow efficiency in the Epic EHR by providing Epic users the ability to capture the patient story, in a narrative format, and utilize Epic's powerful SmartPhrases in an intuitive manner.

With SayIt, speech is converted to text in seconds and the text is directly pasted into Epic, without the need for expensive integration. In addition to that, SayIt leverages the many keyboard shortcuts or hotkeys built into Epic's Inpatient and Ambulatory modules, as well as allows for voice navigation, thus saving users from the multiple clicks required to complete a patient encounter or document a clinical note.
SayIt and Epic's mutual clients have realized the power of combining technology to improve the overall user experience, efficiency, and satisfaction; why not join them?

SayIt from nVoq is now available on the Epic App Orchard

Visit the marketplace to learn how SayIt can save you time and money for clinical documentation!


SayIt delivers the following capabilities and benefits:

Easy to use and easy to deploy

Excellent accuracy on day one, without voice training

Customized templates, macros and navigational commands

One voice profile with personalized vocabulary, stored securely in the cloud, available to use wherever there is an internet connection

Complies with US HIPAA and Canadian privacy requirements.