Compatibility with eClinicalWorks

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SayIt is a HIPAA compliant speech-to-text and clinical workflow automation solution developed to work alongside eClinicalWorks EHR. Providers can use their voice to document clinical findings directly in eCW’s free-text fields, such as; Progress Notes, HPI, assessment and Plan. Clinicians can move from section to section with voice commands and use customized templates and macros to efficiently document their encounter notes. A single, cloud-based, voice profile is available to use on an unlimited number of devices, on a Mac or PC. SayIt provides the flexibility and mobility required by today’s clinicians. SayIt reduces the amount of time a clinician spends in front of a computer by 1-2 hours per day.

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SayIt delivers the following capabilities and benefits:

Customized templates, macros and navigational commands

One voice profile with personalized vocabulary, stored securely in the cloud, available to use wherever there is an internet connection

Excellent accuracy on day one, without voice training

HIPAA compliant clinical speech recognition and workflow automations