Drive Even More Value from Your EMR with SayIt 9.3 Your Healthcare Speech Recognition Solution

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When I talk to clinicians about SayIt, they’re often skeptical at first. “Nothing can make my EMR easier to use,” is a common response. So when they see that SayIt is more than a tool for dictation—that it includes easy-to-use shortcuts and tools to automate EMR macros, populate templates, and maneuver between applications—they get very excited.

Not only does SayIt make it faster and easier to work in your EMR, but the solution keeps getting better. That brings me to 9.3, our latest release, which will be generally available on January 23. SayIt 9.3 includes many new features and functions to improve your productivity. Since SayIt is cloud-based, users get this new release automatically, free of charge, and without anything to install or upgrade.

So without further ado, here are some key highlights from SayIt 9.3:

  • PDF Viewer: Open and view PDF files automatically without adding additional software. This feature is great for onboarding and for sharing important information with groups of users. When you close out of SayIt, your stopping point in the document is automatically bookmarked.
  • Popup Shortcuts: Use shortcuts with the click of a button without recording a voice command. Organization and account shortcuts are available in a single list and are easy to find by scrolling or searching by keyword.
  • Template Shortcuts: Open the Select and Say window and automatically insert a template with one voice command. This makes tasks like adding standard notes to your EMR as easy as saying the words “normal exam.”
  • Click to Advance Profile Setup: A good voice profile is key to successful dictation and navigation, and setting it up is easier than ever. Now, you can review and re-record samples and advance your profile setup at your own pace.
  • Android Wireless Microphone: Use your Android device for dictation (and for shortcuts soon!).
  • iOS Wireless Microphone: Now, you can add your own phonetic pronunciations for vocabulary words using your iPhone or other iOS device.

See a full list of what’s new in SayIt by downloading the SayIt New Features! doc from our Training page at

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