Dolbey Launching “Cloud-Powered” Clinical Documentation Solution – Fusion Narrate™ powered by nVoq™

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About the Company:
Dolbey’s innovative technologies share a long and proud history. In 1914 John Dolbey formed a partnership with Thomas A. Edison to make available the earliest dictation inventions to the business community. Over the last century, Dolbey and Company has advanced the latest technologies to meet the demands of the healthcare community. Today we provide comprehensive solutions with our Fusion Suite of products, including Speech Recognition, CAPD, CDI, CAC, Transcription and Dictation.
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About the App/Services:
Fusion Narrate™ powered by nVoq leverages superior cloud-based speech recognition using recurrent neural network technology to provide exceptional accuracy and powerful automations. Using a USB or wireless microphone, providers can dictate directly into any application and benefit from many of Dolbey’s flexible features, including CAPD, to assist in accuracy and specificity requirements. Our simple to create shortcuts enable clinicians to save hundreds of clicks a day, making more time for what is vital – patient care. These new cloud-powered products coupled with the exceptional service and stability Dolbey has provided for generations delivers the efficiency and productivity your healthcare organization demands.
Fusion Narrate™ powered by nVoq
• Fast
• Accurate
• Intuitive
• Cloud-powered
• Voice controlled automations
• Wireless microphone app
• CAPD assisted
• Vision-driven voice commands
• Click to install
• Automatic updates