Compatibility with Cerner

We got this!

SayIt is a cloud-based speech recognition solution that makes documenting clinical notes in Cerner® a breeze. Real-time dictation accurately converts spoken words to text in seconds, while intuitive voice or touch shortcuts help navigate screens and menus. SayIt works seamlessly with Cerner; no need for expensive integration! It also provides a simple and intuitive user experience. SayIt has been tested and is compatible with Cerner Millennium®, CommunityWorks™, FirstNet®, and PathNet®.

SayIt provides physicians with the ability to navigate to frequently visited sections of a patient’s chart. When the cursor is in the desired section, the physician can press a button or give a command and dictate their findings. The dictation is captured in real-time and text is instantly returned directly to the selected field. Cerner users can also create shortcut inserts or text macros of their most frequently used phrases and use a voice command to insert entire paragraphs of text. SayIt also allows users to access their Cerner auto-texts and streamline their documentation requirements with a voice-driven workflow.


SayIt delivers the following capabilities and benefits:

HIPAA compliant clinical speech recognition and workflow automations

Excellent accuracy on day one, without voice training

Customized templates, macros and navigational commands

One voice profile with personalized vocabulary, stored securely in the cloud, available to use wherever there is an internet connection