Capturing Patient Stories

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Telling the Patient’s Story

Clinicians have used a narrative format to tell a patient’s story since the beginning of medical records. Early on, quickly written notes were jotted down as a short-hand representation of the patient’s journey. As time progressed, the patient’s story was lost to fact finding performed by the clinician and billing requirements overtook the patient’s voice. The patient’s story vanished and was replaced with discrete data.

Thankfully, once again, there is an importance being placed on the side of the narrative. The unfolding and interlacing of the story that the patients tell can be more collaborative and has definite advantages. For instance, a patient’s unique perspective of their illness give insight into their culture, sociohistorical context, and attitude. The best way to communicate is a two-way conversation and providers who have embraced this shift have seen higher patient satisfaction rates.

Clinicians need the tools to effectively tell the patient’s story while still meeting structured, discrete data requirements. EMRs were created to collect data and not the narrative side of the patient experience. Computers capture and share data. Clinicians share stories through communication. A hybrid approach to capture the narrative and the data driven experience is part of securing the complete picture.

SayIt offers a hybrid solution that offers both narrative and text solutions for effectively capturing the patient’s story and meeting the billing requirements. Clinicians can have a more authentic, accurate and timely recanting of the patient’s story which leads to higher patient satisfaction scores and better productivity for all providers.

SayIt is a cloud-based workflow optimization solution that captures data, as it is spoken, at the point of documentation, streamlines clinical workflow and improves the user experience.

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